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3D Wall Panels for Decoration

It is said, “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever!” Indeed, when you visit a luxury hotel or restaurant, the sheer beauty of the place and the aesthetics leave you mesmerised. You may even wonder as to how a 3 dimensional design can be sculpted on a wall in a continuous pattern. There would often be no separating lines or breaks in the design. Well, that is the new wave in interior designing for the walls in your office or home. These 3 D wall panels give a totally enchanting look to your walls.

What is a wall panel?

A wall panel is generally a flat rectangular piece of material which serves as the exposed and visible covering for a wall. The raw material used in the highly popular eco-friendly wall panels is 100% recycled, compostable and completely biodegradable.

3 D Wall Panels to decorate your walls

3 D Wall Panels are a recent introduction to the ever growing and evolving interior designing field. These wall panels are available in many countries across the world. They are made in convenient sizes in order to ensure easy shipment, handling, delivery and installation. The easy-to-install wall panels come in attractive designs. When put together, these wall panels form a unique contiguous pattern. The 3 D wall panels are glued to the walls and the panels joined together. An even finish is given to the joints between these wall panels after installation. They can then be painted in any color to go with the interiors of your home or office.

Wall Panel Designs

Wall Panels come in multiple designs. Some of the most popular designs include Bricks, Cubes, Splashes, Squares, Gaps, Ellipses, Vaults, Flows, Pebbles and Tetris.

Durability of 3D Wall Panels

Most 3 D Wall Panels are built to last a lifetime. However, as the removal of old wall panels and installation of new ones is easy and not cumbersome at all, one may feel inclined to change them as per his tastes. The wall panels are suitable for all walls in your office and all the rooms in your home. They provide a ready and attractive decoration to your walls!

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