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ACP for Heavier and Extravagant Substrates

Aluminum Composite Panel or ACP Panel is a structure made of three layers. Here a low-density non-aluminum core is used between two thin skin layers of aluminium sheet. ACP panels are different from other metallic panels found in the market because of its high mechanical performance and low weight. They are widely being used in the construction of cars, trains, and ships. ACP panels come in many different shapes and sizes to meet the need of various industries. Also, unlike other metal sheets, they are available in various color variations.

ACP Panels have been used in the manufacture of military aircraft and civilian aircraft, but they are now also being used in racing cars, ship buildings and have many other applications. The top advantages of using ACP panels over other similar metal panels are –

· They are rigid, smooth, durable and strong.

· They are very light in weight.

· They are economically priced compared to other options in the market.

· The material is unbreakable, stain resistant, fire resistant and weather resistant as well.

· Such material can be cut, punched, bent, bolted, riveted, stuck using glue, etc. depending on your needs.

· They can be coated with different coatings like PVDF or Polyester paint.

· The material is resistant to acid, alkali salt spray, and pollution.

· ACP panels are long lasting, and there is no risk of corrosion with time.

The applications of ACP panels are varied. Being versatile and durable material, they are used for many internal and external applications. With the demand for ACP panels growing, one can find that many suppliers that sell fake plastic panels under the name of ACP panels. Thus, when purchasing ACP panels, you need to pick a professional and trustworthy supplier to ensure that you are provided with high-quality products.

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