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Aluminium Composite Panel

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Aluminium composite panel (ACP), which is also often called aluminium composite material (ACM), is a type of flat panel that consists of two skinny thin aluminium sheets that are commonly merged with  a non-aluminium core. Aluminium composite panels are commonly used for external cladding or facades of buildings and homes, insulation in order to control temperature, and signage for speed limit boards, highway and motorway signs, billboards, adverts, street signs and similar board patterns. If the core material is flammable, usage may be problematic as a building material and some jurisdictions have banned their use.

The lightweight and cheap metal aluminium makes composite panels excellent for commercial use as display, signage, as signboards and for advertising panels.

Aluminium composite panels have a three layer composite structure. The top and bottom layers are covered with Aluminium sheet with a  standard thickness of 0.30mm, the central core is low density polyethelene, The panel can be painted upon using color, which is often seen in the form of road signs and adverts.

The features of Aluminium composite panel:

Following are some of the features of Aluminium composite panels

-Easily maintained, flat, lightweight panels with a surface enables precise printing

-High strength - excellence in sound and heat insulation

-Resistant to both acids and alkalis and easily maintained

-Can be painted using color and gloss, having retention in a wide range of hues

-Easily fabricated and with good flexibility to fit various designs

Applications of Aluminium composite panels:

Following are some of the applications of Aluminium composite panels

-Signboard usage and advertising boards

-Interior decoration

-Industrial usage

Aluminium composite panel Colour Options:

Following are some of the colour options when painting Aluminium composite panels

-Standard colours. (3 Primary colors and seven rainbow colors)

-Customers special colours, which are often used for advertisements

-Surface paint can be matt or gloss

-Top and bottom sheets both painted

-Or one side can be painted, the reverse side in mill finish

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