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Revolutionary Boat Building Material

Lets talk about your place for a second, you’ve had it for a quite some time, moved here a few years back. When you got it, it wasn’t much honestly, but with time and some tender love and care, it became quite a decent place to live in. But sometimes, a man’s got a move on, your current place is a little small, you live with your wife and in your current house it’s a bit cramped up, you need more space, who knows you might have babies coming tomorrow, can’t risk living in a small place, so you want to move to a bigger place. You search, find one and move there and thankfully, everything goes off smoothly.

Now years later with the kids all grown up, you’re sitting on your porch thinking about getting yourself a boat. Now that sounds easy enough but one thing you need to know about boat building, is the possible use of Aluminum Composite Panels. But what are these panels? Basically, they are two aluminum sheets bonded together by a Polyethylene sheet at its core. Aluminum is a well known material famous for its light weight, durability and strength. When such a metal is joined together with another aluminum sheet its properties are greater, but the addition of a polyethylene core in the middle increases its strength exponentially and makes it thicker. The two aluminum layers are now reinforced and insulated, with their bond nearly unbreakable. The Aluminum Composite Panels have a lot of uses. They are used in external and internal architectural cladding or partitions, false ceilings, signage, machine coverings, container constructions, etc. Most of the time you will find Aluminum Composite Panels are used in making signs which you can see outside stores and such, and that is due to the Aluminum Composite Panels being weather proof in addition to being light and durable. But today we’re talking about one use in particular, and that is boat building. Due to the properties I described above, they are highly sought after by boat builders. Their light weight adds speed and efficiency to the boat’s movement. And the strength adds durability to the boat’s structure, ensuring that the vessel does not break under pressure or rigorous work. An added benefit is that the material is water and corrosion proof, so boat builders and boat owners themselves, don’t have to worry about replacement and repair caused by the corrosion of the sea and such.

The only material that can surpass the aluminum composite panel is carbon fibre, but the one aspect where it lacks is durability and strength. Aluminum composite panels are easy to shape whereas carbon fiber materials are not. They are brittle, and cannot take much hits. But it has its uses. In all construction fronts however, aluminum composite panel is the running champion for lightweight and durable construction material. 

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