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Application of ACP with Machinery

ACP Panels might just be the best material we have come up with. If you have a background in construction and architecture, then you already know what I’m talking about and how useful it is. Even now, the times and ways you have used it are going on inside your head. If you’re a layman, who has no clue what I’m talking about, then don’t worry, I’ll tell you. Basically an ACP or an Aluminum Composite Panel, consists of two aluminum sheets sandwiched to a polyethylene core in the middle. The result is a light, flexible and a durable material.

There are tons of uses for the ACP Panels, which I’m sure you already know about. They range from making outdoor signs, to insulation panels, to dividers, and to false ceilings.  They are so versatile and easily adaptable, that they are used in architecture, making designs, cladding, making logos, etc. But today, we’re going to be talking about one use in particular and that is with machines. The properties of the ACP Panels make them able to take heavy external punishment, and be still standing. This is the reason they are used very extensively in signage, logo making and architecture. This is also the reason why ACP Panels are used with machines, as they are used to make machine covers and such. These protect the machine from outside interference. Moreover, in some cases ACP Panels are used to insulate the machine as well. So in the case that you’d need to keep the machine hot or cold, the ACP Panels will come in handy. Since the ACP Panels are made out of aluminum on either side, they are waterproof as well, meaning the machine they cover will be protected from water exposure. In addition to that, ACP Panels are nowadays used to make in automobiles and boats as well, which are machines technically if you think about it. Due to their nature, they make excellent candidates for making car bodies, boat bodies, etc. They are flexible, which makes them easy to get into the requird shape. They are strong and durable so they can take a few hits and keep the passengers safe. They are light, which allows the vehicle to move faster. ACP Panels, in this way allow protection from the outside, without causing a big strain on the engine due to weight.

Carbon Fiber materials are also being used extensively for these purposes, even now there are multiple supercars that are made from a carbon fiber body. It can be implemented for these cases, but for more widely used implementation, ACP Panels take the cake. They are still being used extensively in machine coverings, claddings and body making. Because its easier to make and handle ACP Panels as compared to Carbon Fiber, and they are readily available as well. That’s why they are used in signage, cladding and creating false ceilings, where as carbon fiber is not. From what we can see, ACP Panels are here to stay for a long time.

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