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Decorative Panels

When it comes to wall treatment, making the choice of the correct materials to use on your walls involves practical, aesthetic, and budget choices. Make a clear distinction between what you want and what you need, especially if you don’t necessarily need everything you want. One good example of a situation is, when your house is home to small children, perhaps a family or pets, you need something more practical than a white rug, like a decorative panel that looks good and functions good too.

You can easily and quickly update a room or even create a great new look to room by adding an accent wall treatment using decorative wall panels made of faux stone, wood or brick or even make your own DIY decorative panels and install them to serve as both function and decoration.

Get the natural look for less

The reason why decorative panels work great as wall treatment is that they are light weight so they are easy to carry and install, they offer more depth and texture than just using paint and they look gorgeous when used properly to create a proper friendly atmosphere. Most panels can take only a few minutes to install because they are so lightweight.

Panels that are created using molds taken from actual rock and brick such as faux wall panels have an unbeatable realism that beautify the whole wall. Decorative Panels that have a  polyurethane composition require no maintenance and is resistant to aging, mold, and even insects. This is something brick walls cannot provide.

Walls that have decorative panels can create a focal point in big rooms and can highlight perhaps a fireplace, entrance, entertainment center, prep area in a kitchen and much more. Add some track lighting or spotlights to decorative walls to get dramatic results that are both eye catching and serve purpose and function.

Here is a nice example of how decorative panels can be used as wall treatment, both beautifying and adding function and purpose. A Hardwood plywood was used as material to transform this otherwise dull looking entryway into an inviting space with that combines both plenty of charm—and storage as well, thanks to a rail with hooks and a shelf. A miter saw, mouse sander, and nail gun handled most of the work.

Wood Plank Bedroom

Over here a simple 1x4 pine boards are used to form an expansive wall in this master bedroom, adding depth and elegance. The unevenly cut boards were cut like this on purpose, heavily distressed—using everything from kitchen utensils to an axe—this was done in order to create an industrial feeling for the room. Additional lights were added also to add a bit of elemental touch to the wood. Distress has never looked so relaxing!

Herringbone Wall

DIY projects featuring herringbone patterns can be daunting—ensuring true 45-degree cuts across a bevy of boards is no small feat. Worry less about geometric consistency by using tongue-and-groove paneling, stained in a variety of rustic hues.

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