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Decorative Wall Panel with DIY ideas

Cheap wall panel provides a decorative solution for old fashioned walls that bother first time home buyers and DIY decorators with a budget on renovating projects. Inexpensive wall panels make appealing accent walls and can also be used to cover damaged walls that might not be fit for repainting.


Cheap hardboard

Wood composites such as fiberboard and plywood provide an affordable alternative to solid hardwood products. Hardboard is a material made from wood fibers and its normal dimensions of wall panel are 4x8 feet with variable levels of width. All types of wood wall panels need about 48 hours to become accustomed to the room they are fitting them so the wall panel can adapt to the temperature before being fixed in place.  


Plywood lining

Plywood wall panel offers a solid surface with a mixture of finished looks. This type of wall panel comes in surfaces like veneers and bead board that give a look of birch, maple, pine, and oak and wood veneers of rosewood, mahogany, cherry, teak, and walnut. Staining or painting uncompleted plywood wall panel is a more inexpensive option.


Adding quality to inexpensive paneling

Renovating your walls with affordable wall panel made of plywood or hardboard with raised patterns on an imprinted wallpaper in classic design give walls a stylish appearance. You can also leave white paper unpainted to give your wall a carved plaster look. Wall panel under a chair rail gives a wainscoting effect. Before wall papering over the plywood panel, the surface should be sanded smooth and cover the seams with fiberglass joint tape and sand it smooth. Prepare the wall panel in the interior an alkyd or acrylic sealer.


Think outside of the box

Ceiling tiles are a great alternative and come in various designs where you can find them in materials like plastic and polystyrene foam which is an affordable material. Foam wall panelscan also be used and installed on walls with drywall, lime cement, chipboard, masonry, and any just about any surface that is free of debris. 

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