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High Gloss Color Sign Board ACP

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In the present age, business owners want to make sure that they will market their product using every possible strategy. This is the reason that the utilization of sign boards are increasing. They are the best way to grab the attention of the local customers.

With a simple display of the sign board, you can let your target clients know that your products will be the solution to their issues. So in case that you are planning to advertise your business using sign board, then High Gloss Color Sign Board will be the best choice.

High Gloss Color

The High Gloss Color aluminum sign boards are pre-finished with the premium PVDF-based resin coils. So the boards are available in a range of attractive and vibrant High Gloss Color. You can get the board customized according to the shade that you prefer.


Some of the amazing features that you will come across in the board are:

• The customized sizes are available. So you can select the length, width and panel thickness of the High Gloss Color sign board according to your requirement

• You can have the polyester or PDVF surface coating

• The high-quality aluminum is utilized for the manufacturing of the boards. Their quality is enhanced by using the core material of fireproof polyethylene

• Apart from the main white, black and red you can select any color that you like

• The High Gloss Color comes with high stability and formability

• It has been manufactured with the weather resistant technology

• It comes in large panel size and lightweight

Application of High Gloss Color boards

The High Gloss Color aluminum sign boards can be applied in the following way:

• Shop front

• Wall cladding

• Signs

• Roof edgings

• Cladding of support

• Interior designing

The best thing about the boards is that you can have them custom made according to your business. They can be designed with different patterns and the logo of your business organization. There are many retailers available to buy the High Gloss Color boards. Make sure that you select the one that will meet your requirements according to your budget.

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