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Kitchen Cladding and False Ceilings with ACP

There has been a race as of late, in the construction world in search for materials that are light weight but can take a hit. Durability and light weightiness are the things driving the race forward, and the result so far is the ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel). In essence, it is basically two aluminum sheets joined together to a polyethylene core to make up an Aluminum Composite Panels, or ACP for short. It has a variety of uses, its main use being in signage, but today we’ll be exploring two internal uses.

Kitchen Cladding:

One of the most common uses for ACPs is cladding in various places in the kitchen. That cladding is done over cupboards most of the time and sometimes around walls and surface tops. As the material is durable, it is more than capable of withstanding daily use. Slamming cupboards, and in the case of counter tops, knife blows. Plus the panels come in different colors so you have greater variety in terms of experimentation. Colored panels are convenient as you can experiment with them in terms of décor. The material of the ACPs is weather resistant as well, and is corrosion resistant. So it will last a long time, practically for as long as you live in some cases. No matter what happens, it will hold against anything you put it against.

False Ceilings:

False ceilings and insulation is paramount to keeping our homes in a weather regulated environment. Temperatures can go in extreme ranges sometimes and our air conditioning and heating systems have a run for their money in such scenarios. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution in the form of insulation and false ceilings. And ACP panels are one of such materials which are used as the material for these purposes. Due to the polyethylene core in the middle, they are able to act as insulators and keep your house at a constant temperature. They are a much preferred item in terms of insulation materials. Polythylene sheets themselves are used as insulators and false ceilings, but their rigidity and brittleness make them a weak choice. Whereas due to the addition of aluminum on either side (as is the case with ACP Panels), the problem is take care of and the result is strong and durable false ceiling insulator.

There are a lot more uses for ACP Panels, its main one being used to make outdoor signs. As technology progresses, more and more materials are being made which are both light and durable. ACP Panels are just one of such materials and also with a diverse range of uses. Two of which we have already discussed today. ACP Panels are cheap and easy to use, which is why they are a preferred material when it comes to construction. What new material will we come up with, that will overtake the ACP Panels, only time will tell, but for now it looks like they’re not going anywhere.

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